current situation

In 2004 Bundeswehr left the last area used by general premises administration. It was later sold to the same investor that had already acquired the area of the former barracks. Buildings no. 37, 38 and 39 as well as barack II were already abandoned at that time. The main street on that area was sold to the city of Delmenhorst for a symbolic price of one Euro. This area will become a residential area as well.

On January 17th clearing of the forest on that site began, followed by demolition of all buildings except no. 37, 39 and 56. In June 2007 modification of fomer clothing store (no. 56) started, it was converted to a nursing home. In January 2008 building 39 (office building) was demolished, in October former armory (no. 6) followed. On the whole site of the former barracks there is no evidence of its former use.

last updated: 10/24/2008