site plan & buildings

Originally the barracks were designed to accommodate two infrantry battalions and a regiment staff. The site comprised of a northern and a southern part as well as a distant eastern part. Construction works in the northern part - designed to accommodate one infantry battalion - started first. The follwing buildings were constructed: accommodation building for battalion staff (no. 22), four accommodation buildings for infantry companies (no. 20, 23, 29 and 32), two kitchens (no. 21 and 30), horse stables (no. 33-35), a riding house (no. 31), a smithy (no. 37), an armory (no. 25) and kennels (no. 35a).
In a second construction phase buildings in the southern and eastern part were constructed - designed to accommodate another infantry battalion, two infantry companies and regiment staff. These were: accommodation building for battalion staff (no. 1), six accommodation buildings for infantry companies (no. 2, 3, 5, 16, 17 and 18), two kitchens (no. 4 and 17), accommodation building for regiment staff (no. 40) and various functional buildings.
All accommodation buildings had a rectangular floor plan and a hipped roof. The outer appearance of the buildings in the northern and southern part differed - buildings in the northern part mainly had a gable lucarne for the stairway.
Over the years a technical area in the south (no. 44-51 and 54) was added as well as some other buildings all over the whole site.

The following map shows a site plan of Caspari Kaserne with all buildings by the end of the 1980's. The numbers represent the building numbers.

photo of site model photo of site model site at Google-Maps

site plan

The following table lists all buildings that existed in 1994, when Caspari Kaserne was closed. Moving mouse cursor over symbol displays additional information on each building.

no. usage no. usage
1 staff/accomodation 28 barn/power station
2 accomodation 29 accomodation
3 accomodation 30 store
4 canteen and kitchen 31 garage
4a dining hall 31a garage
5 accomodation 32 accomodation
6 workshop 33 canteen and kitchen
7 garage 34 garage
8 garage 35 garage
8a dog kennel 35a dog kennel
9 garage 36 garage
10 garage 37 garage
11 garage 38 store (former farm)
12 garage 39 administrative building
13 garage 40 staff/accomodation
14 garage 41 weigh house
15 garage 42 tennis court/store
15a petrol station 43 barn/petrol station
16 accomodation 44 workshop
16a administrative building 45 generator building
17 accomodation 46 workshop
18 accomodation 47 store
19 canteen and kitchen 48 garage
19a dining hall/cinema 49 workshop
20 accomodation 50 admninistrative building
21 canteen and kitchen/workshop 51 garage
21a store 52 accomodation
22 staff/accomodation 54 store
22a transformer station 55 store
23 accomodation 56 clothing store
24 gymnasium I barrack
25 garage II barrack
26 gas building III barrack
27 store/administrative building

The reliefs above main entrances of buildings no. 4 and 19 (see photos) can be seen in the town museum of Delmenhorst.

last updated: 11/20/2009