general information on military installations in Delmenhorst

The end of the cold war in the early 90's led to a reduction of armed forces in Germany. In those days Delmenhorst was one of the biggest garrisons of German forces in the northwest of Germany. At its peak in the 1980's Delmenhorst was home for more than 5,300 soldiers and approximately 730 civilian employees, stationed in the following different installations:

Caspari Kaserne (Delmenhorst-Deichhorst)
mainly home to Air Force Flarak (SAM) and various army units
Delmetal-Kaserne (until 2021 Feldwebel-Lilienthal-Kaserne, before "Boelcke Kaserne") (Delmenhorst-Adelheide)
home to units of 11th Armoured Infantry Division and 31st Armoured Infantry Brigade
Barbara Kaserne (Delmenhorst-Adelheide)
home to units of 11th Artillery Regiment
Forward Storage Site (FSTS) Duensen
ammunition depot and special weapons site in Duensen, home to 5th US Field Artillery Detachment
ammunition depot Doetlingen / Uhlhorn
ammunition depot for garrions of Delmenhorst and Wildeshausen
Flarak (SAM) site in Schoenemoor
for 2./FlarakBtl. 24 (handed over on April 12th 1973)
Flarak (SAM) site in Syke-Ristedt
for 4./FlarakBtl. 24 (handed over on March 19th 1973)
FlaRak (SAM) site in Syke-Wachendorf
for 4./FlarakBtl. 35 (handed over in 1968)

Furthermore there were training grounds in Schlutter (former ammunition depot) and Adelheide (Grosse Hoehe). Occasionally other civilian installations were used as warehouses.

aerial view

Caspari Kaserne was located in the western part of Delmenhorst, in a district called Deichhorst. Construction works started in 1934, in the 1950's the site covered more than 340,000 sqm. In 1991 Caspari Kaserne was home for more than 1,000 soldiers.

The end of the Cold War and following disarmament led to serious changes for the garrison of Delmenhorst. 11th Armoured Infantry Division and FlarakBtl. 35 were disbanded, 31st Armoured Infantry Brigade merged with 27th Parachute Brigade, FlarakBtl. 24 moved to Oldenburg (former airbase). In 1994 Caspari Kaserne was closed.

Due to a missing concept for a further use most of the buildings were demolished in 2000/2001. Nowadays the site has become a new residential area, only a few buildings of the former technical area in the south - that was constructed after WW2 - and two buildings of the former general premises administration have remained.

The history of the barracks comprises the following:

history until 1939 history until 1945 history after 1945 history after 1958 history after 1990 memorial stone / naming hut camp Duesternort ammunition depot Schlutter current situation

The entire history can be downloaded here (PDF file).

last updated: 09/02/2013