photo area
The following photos show buildings of the former Caspari Kaserne as well as other sites that are linked with it. Except the historical photos all photos were taken in May 2000 and later.
site and buildings in 2000
demolition of barracks in 2000/2001 and 2008
demolition of administrative area 2006-2008
site today
before-today comparison
historical photos: 25th anniversary FlarakBtl. 35, 1982
historical photos until 1945
historical photos after 1956
photos of former training ground in Schlutter
photos of former administrative area
photos of former armory
photos of former military pool (Mili)
Modell    This picture shows a model of the barracks representing the lastest state of the site. Unfortunately there is no information about creator and creation date. The model can be visited in the exhibition hall of IG Modell- und Dioramenbau "Boelcke-Kaserne".
Chronik    Chronical of Caspari Kaserne, hanged up in traditional room of Flarakgruppe 24 in Delmetal-Kaserne (forder Feldwebel-Lilienthal-Kaserne)
Ehrenmal    Off the parade ground in Delmetal-Kaserne (former Feldwebel-Lilienthal-Kaserne) there is a memorial for 290th Infantry Division and 65th Infantry Regiment.
The chronical has the following dedication: Handed over on the occasion of farewell of Flugabwehrraketengruppe 24 and 5th and 6th company Flugabwehrraketengruppe 25, being last troop units in Caspari Kaserne in Delmenhorst, on January 26th 1994. Signed by Lieutenant Colonel Harms, deputy commander of Flugabwehrraketengruppe 24
last changed: 12/04/2009