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The history of Caspari Barracks began in 1934. At that time Delmenhorst had to face the impact of the economic crisis at the beginning of the 1930's. Dr. Wilhelm Mueller, mayor of Delmenhorst at that time, asked the military district command (Wehrkreiskommando) VI in Muenster to deploy armed forces in the city. The city council hoped for a commercial boom and a decline of unemployment in Delmenhorst. This resulted in two agreements between the city council and Reich treasury in April and November 1934. Delmenhorst allocated a school building (Suedschule) and adjacent ground gratuitously to install a hut camp (click for more details). On January 4th 1935 35th Replacement Battalion (Ersatzbataillon 35), consisting of 3 companies, was redeployed to that camp, Commander was Lieutenant-Commander Georgi. Another result of these agreements was the construction of Caspari Barracks, beginning in summer of 1934. The city council committed to improve infrastructure by making up roads and paths, installation of feed lines (water, gas) and purchase of ground for the construction of houses, barracks and other military installations. Responsible for the construction works of the barracks was the army building authority (Heeresbauamt) in Bremen. Furthermore a military technical college (Heeresfachschule) and an office of army record section (Wehrmeldeamt) were installed.

dedication of Caspari barracks dedication of Caspari barracks Festfolge Exercise area and canteen (central building) in 1937 parade ground and canteen (central building) in 1937
various buildings in 1940 Barracks in 1940 Barracks in 1938 barracks in 1938, southern guard at Wildeshauser St.

On October 3rd 1935 the first part of the barracks was dedicated, 1st battalion and 13th company of 65th Infantry Regiment were redeployed to Delmenhorst. Commander was Lieutenant-Commander Hertlein, regiments' former location was at Bremen. Gauleiter Roever welcomed the battalion at the city limit, another welcome ceremony took place at the market place.
On October 10th 1935 2nd battalion of 65th Infantry Regiment was installed in Bremen, arising from parts of 27th Regional Police Regiment (Landes-Polizei-Regiment 27) and 16th Infantry Regiment. 2nd battalion, staff and 14 th company were redeployed to Caspari Barracks on September 9th 1936.
In autumn 1936 a supplement battalion (Ergaenzungsbataillon) of 65th Infantry Regiment was installed. Therefore 35th Replacement Battalion (Ersatzbataillon 35), located at hut camp in Duesternort, was renamed.
South of the barracks at Schlutter, within eyeshot, an ammunition depot with several bunkers and a shooting stand was installed.

At the same time some further military buildings were constructed: A military pool (construction works started on May 18th 1936), an officer's mess (dedicated on May 7th 1936) and houses for soldiers and their families.
Beside all the newbuildings two existing houses were integrated into the barracks site: A farmhouse in the east - used as a warehouse - and a living house at Wildeshauser St., new home for the Army Administration.

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